Maharishi Patanjali

Who was Maharishi Patanjali ?
Maharishi Patanjali collated information on Yog. He lived sometime between 250 – 500 B.C
Patanjali was a swayambhu,i.e born on his own will, is considered an avatar of Adishesha, the serpent on which Lord Vishnu is seated. He assumed the human form and experienced the joys and sorrows and learned to transcend them. His work on Yog is known as ‘Yog Sutras’ which has 195 aphorisms which describe the ways of overcoming the fluctuations of the mind and afflictions of the body which are obstacle for spiritual development.

Patanjali also wrote ‘Mahabhasya’ a book on sanskrit grammar, which is also considered as a classic and he also wrote on Ayurveda..


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